Ship Supply Services

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company Alexia shipping agency.

Our activities aim to service all Egyptian port , Suez canal and red sea areas.

Continual growth and dedication lead alexia shipping agency to expand its service and covering all Egyptian ports with branch offices, in about all ports of Alexandria – eldekheilla – Suez – port said – Damietta – Abu qir – sidi kerir- Adabiya – Abu zenima – Kussair – Ras shukier – Ainsukhna – Gesum terminal – Nweiba – Ras sudr – Safaga – Hamrawein – ras budran – Sharm el-shiekh – Aqaba – Hurgada – Ras gharib – Zeit bay – Mersa el-hamra and Marsa matrouh .

Do not put conditions whatever order small or big and we work 24 hours daily in any services and Do not differentiate with it order large or small .

Our mercantile specialists’ has years of experience supply vessels, onboard and onshore along with alexia shipping agency is the backbone of offered services. With our insistence & experience in enduring training, means., our principals can count on us for very best advice on any specific issues.

We supplier of general equipment & marine tools at every marine Company and any governmental or private organization all over world while keeping commitment intact due to meet the demands and the expectation of the customers .

Always at continuous innovate and face the challenges of the growing demands on marine tools in the market without compromising the end-user’s needs and satisfaction by providing cost-efficient and quality products.

We offers a wide range of shipping and logistic services. the company is involved in chartering, port agency, liner agency, Suez canal transit agency and freight forwarding .

We offering the most comprehensive range of services tailored to your vessel’s needs, our expert team is trained to focus on your requirements & understanding the importance of supplying the right item at the right time at the right price.

We provide reliable and professional services to many reputable ship owners, charters, managers and traders.

We handle with  a lot of owners for reputable satisfied clients all over the world.

providing our clients with first class services, updating and monitoring any changes to Suez canal transit or port authorities rules to benefit our clients.

Alexia shipping agency expertly manages flow of information, controlling and reducing your costs, protecting your interests in the most professional way.

Alexia shipping  agency are looking forward to co-operate with new owners whatever supply or agency or any service as needed.

Distinguished of Prompt and accurate communications.

Top service quality at competitive fees.

Supplying all stores as following

Provision stores ( fresh , frozen , meat , fish , pork , canned , poultry , canned drinks and grocery and  perfumery and legume…..etc

We supply fresh and frozen provision of the best quality

All provision are well packed in strong cardboard boxes

The expire and production date of all product  are clarify marked on each packed

We provide our principals with signed  certificate from the master that all provision have been delivered on good order and excellent condition.

We provide master  also customer satisfaction  to sign it to Evaluate the performance of our company.


Bonded stores ( all kind for cigarettes , mineral water , chocolate, chips and soft drink…etc

General marine supplies that meet owners quality requirement and delivered worldwide of all stores and we are supplying all sections of impa catalogue to provide all Marine equipments.

Cabin stores

Engine stores

Deck stores

Safety stores

Stationary stores

Medicine stores

Rope wire stores

Ba charts and Publication stores

Electrical stores

Hawsers stores

Wire stores

Chemical stores

Imo signs and rescue equipments.

carbon steel pipes tubes and its fittings

lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, breathing apparatus


Suez canal transit north/south bound convoy.

cash to master

fresh water supply any port

crew change on/off signers (ticket booking and hotel booking ).

deliver shipment with spare parts any port.

discharging garbage disposal and sludge any port.

spares clearance and delivery – by air freight and sea freight.

immigration inward and outward clearance

bunker coordination / supply including arranging

bunkers,  quality / quantity surveyor   lube supply

owner matter and protective owner


Maintenance service & contractors.

underwater services/works.

electrical motors rewinding & fix.

air condition work shop.

repairing assistance.

inspection and testing anything on vessels.

install, test, annual services and certification  providing maker and class society.

supply safety (fire hoses –nozzles – fire hose boxes – fire axes – fireman’s outfits –  all kind of fire extinguishers & refill – portable foam applicators –  safety  helmets – etc……)

supply  all stores and  spares  through our  approved venders.

follow up activates with workshop, supplies, contractors and   etc.

crew handling – meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore passes,  mission visa, seaman  visa arrangement, crew welfare, doctor,  dentist, mail, prepaid telephone calling card and ….. Etc

supply ba charts and publications.

inspections and testing for magnetic compass with certificate.

Supplying with additional provision ,bonded electrical, cabin ,general deck ,general engine , cloth & linen products ,tableware galley utensils, clothing, rope & hawsers, painting equipment, safety protective gear, hose couplings, nautical equipment, medicine, petroleum products, stationery, brushes mats, cleaning material chemicals, pneumatic electrical tools, generally work tool, cutting tools, measuring tools, metal sheets bars, screws nuts, pipe tube fittings, valves cocks, electrical equipment, packing jointing, welding equipment and machinery equipment.

Alexia shipping agency offers its first class performance in the supplying vessels ,transportation sector such as vessels chartering, vessels agency at ports, port stevedoring, customs formalities, supervision, cargo forwarding, rail transportation, it successfully operates in the door to door delivery of cargo.


The company basis its philosophy and emphasis on : experience , skill , ability ,performance ,safety reliability , prices, delivery and services.

Nowadays Alexia Shipping Agency is market leader covering all Egyptian ports with wide range of services become famous as one stop ship services stations.